Investor relationship

Why should you invest in the Manhattan Beach Film Goup?

This very unique corporation provides services as well as a production house for new and upcoming talent to produce and showcase their projects. This means we are opening the door for new entertainment professionals who normally would be on their own. Though we are a new corporation, the people behind Manhattan Beach Film Group have years of experience in the entertainment field. Our CEO, Steven Rush, a D.G.A director with 25 years of experience in producing, directing, and writing films. Also Valerie Enloe, PH.D. an entertainment manager for over 27 years, with various degrees in business administration. These individuals have come together to create a new way of doing business in the film industry. This way of operating allows the Manhattan Beach Film Group to work unlike large studios.

Large studios take on three to four projects a year, while in contrast the M.B.F.G. can work on up to twenty projects a year. This is because of the ability to assign projects to the producers who are members of M.B.F.G. their own projects. This allows producers, writers, directors and other professionals to see their production development to the distribution pipeline. One of our focuses is on exposure for all of the company's current projects. Some of these include feature films such as the screenplay "American Way", our original gameshow "Call the Floorman", documentary "Winners", and music video "Dance with Me". All of our members also enjoy our great social events, dinner events, seminars and promotional events. Such events create a strong bond with investors and the M.B.F.G.'s creative artists. Manhattan Beach Film Group puts motivated industry professionals in the position to fulfill their dreams and projects along with business savy investors.

For more information, contact : Steven Rush at (310) 321-7678